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Who we are
Washington Happy Journal (WHJ) is the American consumer/business trend source, providing writing and researching services for Japanese clients since 1998. In addition to contributing articles for numerous media outlets, WHJ has been conducting custom-made American consumer market research projects from a Japanese perspective. WHJ is headed by Japanese trend journalist Chimaki Nukui.

Chimaki Nukui
Chimaki was born and raised in the Tokyo area. She majored in Film/Theater as an undergraduate in Japan and in Film Production for her master’s degree in the US. She started her career as a consumer trend writer/researcher in Maryland, and became a freelance journalist in 1998. Unlike typical Japanese journalists in Washington DC, she does not deal with DC politics. Her specialty is consumer and business trends in the US and the world. She has keen eye for finding “what’s cool” from a Japanese perspective and it has enabled her to write for Japanese readers who reside both in Japan and the US.

How we help
Want to try out your cool products in the Japanese market? We are looking for products from all over the world to be featured in our clients' media outlets, and to help launch suitable products in the Japanese market. We are especially interested in eco-minded, fashion-forward products or design conscious products that need exposure in Japan. Contact us today to learn more.

  L-Cruise 「ワールド・トレンド・ウォッチ」

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